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There are some wonderfully talented energy therapists and well-being facilitators that have assisted and inspired me throughout my journey with their various modalities that I recommend and share with you.

Jerry Sargeant          

Jerry's Star Magic healing modality is way off the charts super powerful. He is based in the UK, travels the world spreading his work. His spiritual awakening started in Romania, I felt an immediate resonance with him when I met him and heard his story. So grateful for the healing session I had with him, it made a huge difference releasing some of my deep blocks.

I highly recommend following his extremely powerful online guided meditations.

Robin Gairaud           

Robin is my go-to clairvoyant therapist in Paris whenever I need support, he is the most talented medium I have experienced personally. I recommend his services to all my friends. He also trained me in my Master level of Reiki.          

Awenn         www.awennfr

Also one of my go-to's in Paris, Awenn is an amazing loving talened soul. I have attended her first clairvoyant group workshops called "Espace du Coeur" that she and Robin Gairaud hosted together that are absolutely excellent.

Aboriginal Healers: Tony Lee, Nadine Lee, Brian Injalman Bin Saaban

Late April 2018, I volunteered and assisted the Aboriginal Australian Delegation of Medicine People representing their healing tradition at the Shamanic Festival in Genac France the largest Shamanic Festival in Europe, 180 Delegations of the 5 Continents. Little did I know that I would find and connect with my Aboriginal spirit family, a big phase in my own spiritual development and path. Based in Australia, they are such beautiful souls and talented ancient healers, if you are interested in their healing or meeting them, let me know and I will connect you.


Kia Jené              

Kia is one of my main co-creators, we collaborate on group events together as we are highly compatible and complimentary in our energy and characters. She is absolutely formidable, a free spirit, empath, Intuitive Guide, Oracle Reader, Traditional Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master, I just call her a Goddess.

Peter Huetz           

I had a very moving Akashic records reading from Peter which helped me understand my soul origin.  I highly recommend this reading to those of you who wish to better understand and connect to your life purpose and soul group.

Shauneen Quinn  

When I realized I was the feminine part to a Twin Flame connection, Shauneen gently and lovingly guided me through some extremely powerful healing work to open my heart and understand further the purpose and lessons for me to learn from this particular journey. She specializes in Twin Souls and Unconditional Soul Love. 

Hervé Pascal       

My excellent intuitive astrologer based in Paris, from him I have learned so much about compatibility between people, the elements, planetary alignments, every chart reading he has done for me has been spot on. I highly recommend him.

Danielle Paige 

A highly talented astrologist who is also a total hoot, I follow her Facebook group from which I get so much information on what is going on in the planets and how it affects us, her info is so good, it's no-frills straight to the point and her character is awesome, raw and real!

Giordana Toccaceli

This woman! She is the most talented coach on feminine energy and love relationships. If you are a woman, do me a favor and just join her online Facebook community 'The High Value Woman" where you will learn how to cultivate real heart-based female energy and being. Nothing is better than this.

John Wineland 

Based in Los Angeles California, John is a speaker and teacher leading men and women in the practices of Embodied Masculine leadership, spiritual intimacy and sexual polarity. Every time I meet a man who wants to go deeper into spiritual practice and understand better the energy of masculinity, I recommend them to follow John. He is a beauty of a soul.

Jennifer Hoffman

Such a talented authentic woman that explains energetics in a simple easy to understand way, I greatly admire Jennifer.

Layla Martin        

One of the most amazing sex-perts, Layla is fun, giddy, inviting and down to earth. I love her work and passionate desire to help connect us with our intimacy, sexuality and bodies.

Andrea Nicholas

Wow, Andrea's vocal alchemy sound healing sends me shivers and resonates deeply in the ancient parts of my soul.

Jamie Butler      

Watching online the channeling sessions that Jamie does are so enriching and mind-blowing. I'm a great fan of her mediumship skills and the energy she emits in the world. A grand lady and medium.

Lee Harris           

A reknown spiritual transmitter, Lee's Energy forecasts are so helpful to understanding what is

going on during these intense times, certainly a must to follow this beautiful man's updates.


Blake Bauer       

I met and immediately took to Blake at the Mind-Body-Spirit Wellbeing Festival in London April 2016 and adore his bestseller book "You were not Born to suffer".     

Danna Weiss      

A long-time friend, Danna creates some of the most amazing crystal furniture that exists in the world! 

Lilou Macé         

My favorite French-Amerian Spiritual journalist that shares with us interviews of the vast voices on spiritual evolution and self-development.


More excellent Healer/Intuitive Coaches/Authors/Speakers:

Magenta Pixie   

Dolores Cannon

Abraham Hicks

Elizabeth April 

Teal Swan         

Ilan Bendelman

Ralph Smart     

Heather Alice Shea

Lisa A. Romano

Anna Sayce      

Susann Taylor Shier

Sherry Wilde    

Robert Schwartz

Keleena Malnar

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