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11 bis avenue Élisée Reclus, 75007 Paris

and remotely by videoconference


according to service

50-80-100 euros per hour


+ 33 (0)7 49 03 88 46


My name is Beatrice and I am a bubbly Italian woman who moved to Paris in 2015 after nurturing her curiosity by traveling and discovering other countries. In French, English or Italian, I practice hypnosis, energy numerology and I offer food support.

It is thanks to the precious teachings that Life has offered (sometimes imposed!) On my path that today I use these three seemingly disconnected practices.

Having grown up in the idyllic context of a small family farm near Milan, I nurture a deep attachment to the Earth, which motivates and enriches me in my profession and which constitutes the bases of my accompaniment towards a holistic diet.

My experience in the food sector therefore begins very early, in the kitchen, in the vegetable garden, among the seeds, vegetables, fruit trees and animals that surround me and which are part of a Universe with which I interact on a daily basis. .


The high vibrations of the Universe are also shown to me in the form of numbers, like an encrypted game, to be decoded and from a very young age I thus open myself to esotericism, to numerology.


These two fields - food production and numerology, remain distinguished for a long time, two parallel paths which run alongside my personal path without ever crossing.


It is only after a long trying period of my life, at the age of 21, that I take ownership of their interconnection in a personal process of healing. At the same time, my encounter with the Native American Blackfeet culture encourages me to develop my potential and to pay homage to my mission of Life, while hypnosis helps me to free myself from the weight of the past in order to advance courageously.


Today I welcome you to my practice in the 7th arrondissement and I combine these three techniques in a fluid way.My goal is to support people towards positive change through a reconnection with the Earth and its products; discovering the vibrations that drive them; to the establishment of an interior dialogue with the soul and the Universe. This, so that everyone can take part in a more awakened way in this Life which connects us.




Mon expérience avec l’hypnothérapeute Béatrice a été réussie. A l’écoute, Béatrice accompagne ses clients pour un résultat apparent. Sans porter de préjugés sur l’expérience de ces clients, elle sait retrouver les points de tensions et de mal-être pour vous en débarrasser.


Son point fort : l’appropriation culturelle. Elle s’adapte au système d’appartenance de ces clients pour mener a bien sa thérapie. Je vous la conseille vivement !

— Oumaima B.

What they say about Beatrice


Humanist hypnosis session (1h): € 80

Regressive hypnosis session (1-2h): 100 € / h


The sessions are held in the office, exclusively by appointment, and can last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the practice chosen to better support you towards your goals. Any session can be conducted in French, English or Italian.


Hypnosis is a "contract" between the soul of the practitioner and that of the client: it takes place in mutual trust and respect and in a secure environment open to self-exploration. Hypnosis is often compared to the precious key to accessing the encrypted content of one's soul, sensitive material and resources essential for development. However, hypnosis is also a natural, spontaneous experience that is very familiar to all human beings.


Before our first date, an informal telephone conversation is necessary so that we can get to know each other, so that I can understand your needs, answer your questions and plant with you the first seed of change. This call will be agreed between us and will not be billed.


During the office session, a new initial phase of welcome and icebreaker dialogue allows us to lay the foundations for the work, deepen confidence and confirm or re-frame your objectives. Successively, we go to work in hypnosis. This phase can be more or less deep, depending on your goals, but also your level of relaxation, openness and other factors that can influence the session (especially if it is the first time). You will always be in control of yourself. I will accompany you with my voice and my spiritual presence by gently inviting you to go further, to dig deeper if the moment is right, while respecting the rhythm of your soul.

The last phase will allow us to close the work in full consciousness, to re-anchor ourselves to the present and possibly define an action plan (exercises, suggestions, ...) and follow-up.


The number of sessions needed to reach your goals varies widely from person to person and from the goal in question, but being hypnosis a brief therapy tool, a complete and specific accompaniment consists of a maximum of a dozen sessions. However, no limit is set for the anchoring or relaxation sessions which can be held occasionally and as needed.

Regarding regressive hypnosis, it may take a number of sessions for the soul to find the matches it needs and make its connections to the present.

holistic nutrition

Mindful Eating session (1h): 80 €

Food support at home (1-3h): 50-80 € / h

The food accompaniment that I offer has the first objective of restoring value and legitimacy to the suggestions that come spontaneously from the soul. These are often masked behind the deafening nutritional fads and paradigms of the outside world that scream at us what to eat and what to avoid and which masquerade as absolute truth.

In a more responsible and alert way, you will learn to ask yourself the following questions: "What is good for me? What is capable of nourishing me deeply? What can fill / ignite in me this hunger for life that burns and animates me? ”.


We are what we eat ... but also we eat our emotions. The goal of this course will therefore also be to learn to find a balance between one's needs and one's desires, between what one “knows” and what one “feels”, what is commonly considered beneficial and what is more intimately charged with healing potential.


The support will be personalized, punctual and continuous and it will take the form of individual sessions (or in groups of 3 maximum) which combine theory, practice and internal work, based on each person's objectives.


Theoretical content:

  • transparent information around food;

  • seasonality and locality of products;

  • the de-construction of myths and paradigms of consumption;

  • the (re) discovery of ingredients and possible alternatives to buying and producing in-house.


Practical content:

  • the organization of purchases;

  • creating a rhythm compatible with their lifestyle - and transforming their lifestyle according to their rhythm! ;

  • the creation of recipes;

  • food preparation.


Content of inner work:

  • discovering, welcoming and respecting the emotions associated with each food;

  • the reintegration of the symbolism of food, its preparation and consumption;

  • the acceptance and re-appropriation of the role that we cover in the planet;

  • Mindful Eating *


Sessions can be held at home (kitchen), occasionally in places where food is produced and purchased (vegetable gardens, farms, markets and supermarkets, etc.), as well as in the office.



* Mindfulness:


The term Mindfulness indicates a state of mindfulness, a particular mental condition which allows one to experience without judgments what is there at the present moment: sensations, emotions, thoughts ...

Sometimes confused with meditation because of their shared goal of bringing the person back to their present, Mindfulness is differentiated by its palette of formal (including meditation) and informal techniques developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn over the years' 70.

Mindful Eating represents a variation of this practice, focused only on the choice of foods and on the microscopic analysis of the act of eating (looking, smelling, touching, listening, tasting). Mindful Eating makes it possible to rediscover and take cognizance of all the sensations linked to this daily action, as if it were the first time, so that meals and the pleasure that derives from it become a moment of anchoring to be lived in full awareness. .


Numerology is often defined as an “esoteric interpretation of numbers” and its mysterious origins can be found in the distant past, in the four corners of the world. Indeed, from the Far East to Latin America, via Europe and Africa, many peoples have developed this discipline based on the immutable character of numbers.

To speak of numbers is to speak of creative energies, of vibratory frequencies with qualitative rather than quantitative values. The numbers can therefore be read as the vibrations at the base of the energies which compose us, which influences us and which constitute the matter and the non-matter of our Universe.

After practicing numerology in an enthusiastic manner for the first part of my life, it was thanks to the encouragement of my life teachers, my awakened relatives and my first “clients” that I decided to professionalize myself. This would not have been possible without the teaching, tutoring, trust and patience of American numerologist Michael Brill, to whom I owe a great deal.

I offer a first reading of the natal chart (2 hours) which normally covers the energy baggage endowed from birth, the major resources to be developed, the major challenges, the life path, karmic lessons, the soul-ego relationship... This reading will be unique, also valid in the future, being the almost invariable personal numbers.

Subsequently, other in-depth readings can be considered (unfolding of the name, analysis of the address, reading of the child).

The calculation and reading of the personal calendar (macro, annual and monthly) can be carried out on an ad hoc basis, if necessary (end / start of the year, new cycle, etc.) after the first reading of the topic.


Numerology sessions can be held in the office, at home or by video.


About Beatrice

Originally from Italy, I grew up between the countryside and the city of Milan, where I pursued anthropology studies at the Università degli Studi di Milano and Bicocca. After 5 years of research and learning in the United States, Canada and Portugal, I moved to Paris in 2015. I master Italian (my mother tongue) as well as French and English.

The spark of what is my practice today emerged during my first anthropological “field” research, during which I was welcomed by the Blackfeet tribal community of Montana and the Blackfeet tribal community of Montana. one of his still active “secret societies”: the Crazy Dog Society.

The subject of this study was the “medical” condition of the reserve and the de-construction of the concepts that constitute the idea of ​​health: what is disease? What is a sick person? What is medicine and what are the social issues that push us to choose one care path over another?

This experience was a pivotal step for my openness to alternative medicine, spirituality, as well as for the deepening of the interest that I have always carried on the harmful role of “junk food”.

My research also marked the beginning of my profound inner change.

Over the years and successive research in a rural context in the United States (Oklahoma, Maine, Pennsylvania, Iowa) I have chosen to integrate into my course of anthropological studies training in support practices and personal development. which I use today: energetic numerology under the wing of American numerologist Michael Brill, Ericksonian and humanist hypnosis, MBSR coaching and, more marginally, the technique of applying Aromatouch essential oils.

I combine these tools in a holistic approach that respects the different “maps of the world”. I take each life story into high consideration to give shape to each person's goals, and commit myself to building a lasting support link of which mutual respect is the basis. This in a context of active listening, non-judgment and benevolence.

Within the limits of my availability, aptitudes and capacities, I am open to take into consideration any specific need (I work with people, for people… and not with problems, against these same problems). Where possible, my singular interest in conscious, transparent and healthy eating, which has its roots in the rural context of my youth, rubs shoulders with my practice of support, particularly in weight management and TCA (eating disorders) ).


As an integral part of my career, since 2016 I organize and animate the Bring Your Story in Paris: a one-off, free and informal discussion group that gives voice to the personal stories of the participants. I work as a volunteer with the VMEH associations at the Henri Dunant gerontological hospital (Paris 16th - suspended because of the current situation) and JALMALV for end-of-life support. I am also a member and vice-president of the association of vegetable gardening of the Square des Missions Etrangères (Paris 7th).


Last, but not least… I have never had a FaceBook or LinkedIn account. I put forward direct contacts, communication outside social networks and human encounters.

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