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Dear Healers, LightworkersEmpaths, Clairvoyants, Intuitives, Magicians, Mystics, Believers, Change Makers ….

Beginners just starting to awaken or facilitators that have been practicing for years ~


Let me introduce myself. My name is Catharine. I am a home base for the light that you are, a source and platform to get you to awaken even further, gain more clarity, focus and energy to connect to your soul and the reason you are here.


My speciality is working with people who are gifted and have a lot of inner light, which I do with great passion and love.

The more I assist someone who can assist others and the planet, the greater reach we have together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Have you always known deep down that you have something to do with assisting the world?

A magical energy, a glowing light inside of you.

You feel it in your hands, your throat, in your heart, in all the cells in your body.

You just know it. There is something there. A mission. Something different...


But you are not yet sure how to connect with it, how to access or utilize it.

And you want to get to it quick, you wish to already be doing what you know you are here meant to be doing.

Yet yes, you still have your own healing path to attend to, plenty of things to still discover and unravel, dissolve, while also figuring out your soul’s mission.


Or perhaps you have been working in the healing practice for a long time, and have further shadows to release to align more fully

to the purest form of yourself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am here to support you. I am a safe base for you to do your work, to rest, recharge, be inspired, to feel loved, to be cleared and reactivated.

I assist you with my own practice and method while also referring you to other excellent healing facilitators that I myself have used, 

for more specific work that may assist you in your path. It is a journey, takes time and several layers to unravel.


I also create and organize group events to build a network and community of souls on this same healing path to do our work together. Together we lovingly exponentiate our energies. Together we are stronger.

Please come find me and join us. Be a part of this evolutionary movement happening now.


Because you love planet Earth, because you love humanity, and ultimately because you love yourselves.

Waiting for you with all my heart

with Love and Light,