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Hello dear friends,

Beginners just starting to awaken

or those who have been on the spiritual path for years... 

I am a multicultural American, raised in New York City and living in Paris France since 2002, with shamanic abilities coming from my family lineage. My work is to clear out buried energies and catalyze you energetically so that you may raise your vibration, expand your consciousness and align to the best version of yourself.

I do this by connecting with your soul and working with your energetic body.

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My specialty is working with gifted souls with extrasensory intuitive abilities whose mission is to raise, maintain and diffuse high vibrations on our planet Earth.


A guide for the newly budding or more experienced healing practitioners, I am here to support, awaken, catalyze, validate and love you.

I perform private therapy sessions for individuals and create small group events for the development of spiritual well being in partnership with other high-quality healing practitioners.


I offer you with great joy all my knowledge, skills, and life experience to facilitate your own awakening and healing journey.  

You will find more information about me and my practice on the following pages of my website.

I welcome you with all my heart.

With Love and Depth,


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