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Here I describe the methods of therapy that I offer 

Complete psycho-energetic chamanic healing session 

duration 2.5 hours 

We first start by verbally attending what is going on in your life. You have a secure moment to share with me your feelings, your story and current issues.  This is my time to listen to you and connect to your energy. 

I have a sharp pertinent intuitive sense that can pick up vibrations, read through and understand situations. During this time, I am intuitively guided to give you the right words or say what is necessary to assist to bringing one or more issues to consciousness for the process of clearing.


After we verbally identify and agree on what themes need to be worked on, we move to the massage table which you lie down on and I start to channel life force energy into you through my hands on all parts of your body from your head to your feet with relaxing music in the background. After about 20 minutes of this channeling, I then pass to more chamanic methods where I perform energetic clearing with various tools, including shamanic drumming, shakers, crystal bowl sound vibration, gemstones, feathers, my voice channeling.

You are encouraged to enter an internal journey, a meditative state, where my role is to maintain a vibrational level for your soul to do its own inner work.

All you need to do is relax, let go, trust the process.

After the session, there will be a moment for us to exchange our experiences. I will share what I felt and saw. You are also invited to share your feelings and what you experienced.

Voice Channelling

offered in private sessions as well as group workshops 


Also called Light Language or Language of the Soul, this is an energetic transmission through the sound of my voice.

I intuitively express different sounds: ethnic languages that don't have words but convey feelings, nature sounds, blowing of the wind, animal noises, vocalized emotions ... anything that comes through me in the moment that I feel is a match for your soul to hear.

This type of healing is based on sound therapy, the vibration bypasses your cognitive capacities and goes straight into your energetic field.

Voice channeling for a long period of time can put you in a meditative state, an internal journey in which you can enter to finding the keys to your own healing.

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Please know that all healing is SELF-healing, and that I am your guide with my specific tools and energetic signature that knows how to hold a space for you to do the internal work yourself. You already have all the answers within, you just need secure professional assistance to find them.