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In order for you to get to know me better, I share with you here my awakening story, the journey to how I reconnected with my soul.

It was a long metamorphosis with beautiful results. I hope to be an inspiration for the success of your own path as well.




In late 2011, a traumatic event happened which totally shook my existence. My marriage unexpectedly exploded, my world was turned upside down and I was hurdled down an extremely painful unpleasant path and all I could ask the Universe was: WHY?

I was living what I was conditioned to know as "the good life". I graduated from leading schools, worked at prestigious companies, had financial stability, darling children, a charming smart husband, lived the chic Parisian life with a social network of similarly "successful" people... Yet as the Universe made apparent to me by bashing me over the head, I was not living anywhere near my soul's truth at all. I was living for others, I was not connecting to myself nor my innermost passions. I was living superficially and hadn’t gotten to the depths of my soul where I needed and truly wanted to be.


In 2012 as I just began grieving my divorce, a friend took me to consult a fortune-teller when I was visiting Istanbul Turkey, an event that absolutely blew me away and was the kickstart of my path regarding healing and clairvoyance. At first I was skeptical and very guarded to meet this lady for fear of being fooled yet quickly became dumbfounded at her ability to see, know and recount so many specific occurrences and details of my life although I told her nothing about myself! It was literally an out-of-this-world experience. “WHAT is this phenomenon?” I said to myself, I absolutely had to find out!

Following this experience, a whole string of amazing events started happening to me. I began following my gut instincts and discovering about the fascinating multidimensionality of this world, primarily through my own research devouring all the information I could find.

I began to receive numerous energy therapies and participated in and organized various spiritual well-being workshops that started releasing the blocked energies within me. I intuitively felt guided to train in Reiki, achieving master level in 2015, which catalyzed me in transitioning to my own personal gifts in the field of energy therapy. I began to unravel my own personal story that took years to figure out. I lived numerous intense lesson-learning soul encounters that forced me to dig in deeper, connect harder, force out many fears and conditioned mental beliefs, and find myself and my place in this world.

My life has been so full of events and encounters that are so intense and extraordinary, not necessarily easy to live I must say, but enough to write a television series for sure!


Spring 2018 during a therapeutic session, the late shaman Emmanuel Fillaudeau "White Eagle" revealed to me that in fact I am a shaman that I have innate healing gifts that have been transferred to me from my Hungarian grandmother who was a shaman but did not practice her own gifts in her lifetime. Hungarians were an Asian nomadic people (before their arrival in Europe and conversion to Christianity), descendants of Central Asia where Shamanism originates.

This is the moment that changed my life, when I finally was shown the definition of what I always knew I was but had no words to explain it before. With this calling, I decided to fully step into who I am and follow through on my soul's mission.

Years later Siberian Shaman Kadyn Akayas told me that I also come from a line of Greek priestesses that lost their power with time and I am to here to help restore feminine energy and balance the male and female. (Both of my grandmothers' fathers were actually Greek and emigrated to Romania at the turn of the century). A third shaman healer Natacha Caudrelier shared with me that I am an oracle, a messenger of information coming from the Universe.


My shamanism is not conventional in the sense that I did not study under a shaman to receive traditional trainings and knowledge, instead it is the intense life situations and lessons that I went through that initiated and taught me. I have been described as a Quantum Shaman, I could say a classy Urban Shaman as well ;-) I am a bridge between spirituality and reality, spirits chose to work through me to bring fluidity between these two worlds.

All in all, I am grateful for the rich experiences that have formed me to who I am today. I must say that I have indeed lived through very difficult periods, activations through various forms along the course of my life. I had to overcome intense situations and find information in other dimensions to clear out blocking energies and work on the history of my family lineage. I have learned in a self-taught manner while also observing mentors who inspired me to craft my own method and work ethic.

And of course things come to instinctively from my heritage. I thank most of all my guides and ancestors who have transferred these skills to me that I am honored and happy to share with you.

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