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There is nothing more precious than receiving personalized assistance for the advancement of our life and soul. 

This I know from my personal experiences receiving numerous healing work from various talented therapists.

If you are a match to the service I provide and are motivated to do your internal work, I will be pleased to assist and guide you.  

There are various ways I can assist you. Here are the options I provide:

Full energetic healing sessions typically take between 2.5 to 3 hours, as described in My Method section.

I go in depth on your current topic, you have plenty of time for this process.

We can take a brief video call to meet each other and ensure that we feel the session is right.

120 euros per session.

I am also available for therapy over video calls or the phone. We can verbally touch the topics that need clearing through discussion and I can also do Voice Channelling during the call to break up the energy that needs to be moved. 

60 euros per hour / charged per time we spend together.

Another option is to participate in my group sessions which I hold about once a month. Here we will work in a small intimate group setting, I do voice channeling or other methods that come instinctively to me, I help you make internal energetic shifts to align to the reality you wish to live. This work which involves connecting with the energy of the others in the group is also very profound and heartwarming,

about 25 euros per session


I will always try to accomodate to your needs, so please feel free to get in touch with me to set up a meeting or ask any further questions.

You may write me at catharinebelcic@gmail.com