If you are a match to the service I provide, feel aligned to my energy and are motivated to do your internal work, I will be pleased to assist and guide you.  My rate is 60 euros an hour, with the complete energetic healing session lasting around 3 hours.

Complete energetic healing session

3 hours duration

As described in My Method section, I go in depth on your current topic, you have plenty of time for this process.


It is deep soul work and requires time to integrate and reveal its effects in your daily life.

Before reserving the session, we will talk briefly on the phone to meet each other and ensure that we feel the session is right and it is appropriate to do this work together.

If you are unable to come to me in Paris, there is a modified version that I practice remotely through video call, 2 hours duration.
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If you would like to do some spiritual work with others, I will be happy to organize a group workshop. Just contact me to discuss what you feel or have in mind.


I will always try to accomodate to your needs, so please feel free to get in touch with me to set up a meeting or ask any further questions.

You may contact me

by email:

or by phone: +33 6 72 23 12 28