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If you feel aligned with my methods and energy, and are motivated to do your inner work, it would be a joy to accompany you.

Just give me a call to get to know each other briefly on the phone and make sure it's a match to do this work together.

1) Psycho-Energetic-Shamanic Session

Duration 3 hours in person in my place Paris 16eme: 150 euros

As explained in the My Method section, I go in depth on your current topic, you have plenty of time for this process. This session is recommended only once a year. It is a deep treatment that takes time to integrate and show its effects in your daily lives.


There is also a modified version that I practice remotely by video-call (duration 2 hours) for those who cannot come to my place in Paris (which is still preferable).

2) Follow-up Session and Intuitive Guidance

50 euros 1 hour

80 euros 2 hours

If you would like to see me again some time after the treatment, I offer follow-ups (without energy work) to discuss your path, unravel more by talking, and give you other keys to enlighten and guide you through my intuitive feelings.

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Custom Events

If you want to do spiritual and energetic work in groups, I can design a workshop for you in collaboration with the various therapists I know.​ I will always try to meet your needs, so do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment or ask any other questions.


You can reach me

by phone: 06 72 23 12 28

by email:

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