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Catharine is a very rare person; you meet few of them in your lifetime. When she works with you, she feels and says things that are absolutely right and deep. Every time I had the opportunity to see her, the experience and the healing were so amazing and profound. It’s not something that you do every week. In my experience, it was more once or twice a year (you just feel it when it’s the right time). I know her for 5 years; and I can see now the overall picture and how key every work with her has been instrumental in my path. Thank you so much!


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Many thanks to Catharine for her empathy and excellent ability to assess issues. Despite my fears and reluctance, her benevolence and method of her practices have literally - and curiously moreover - allowed me to dive into a physical and emotional serenity that I have forgotten or even almost didn't know. Thank you for the liberating and energetic warm bubble in which I was welcomed which reconnected me internally, an effect that was quite stunning for me!


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Hello, I don't know what you did... but I've been flooded with requests from clients... You are a grand magician.. 😉  

Corinne, therapist

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Catharine is an excellent therapist and I highly recommend her. First of all, the setting in which it receives is spacious, warm and bright. We start with a verbal exchange. Catharine is very good at bringing to the surface and highlighting the events and beliefs that need to be healed. The second part which is the treatment by itself is done lying on a massage table with a cozy blanket conducive to relaxation. The results are extraordinary and the following days are filled with events and strong changes showing that healing is underway. Very impressive !!


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Dear Catharine, I just wanted to thank you again for this morning. It now feels a bit like a dream, but makes me smile and feel so warmed when I think of it. I so want to thank you for this beautiful experience, this beautiful journey we went on together. I felt your love and guidance, your wise and compassionate presence. It was so extraordinary, and yet at the same time, so soft. I have felt so at peace today, I really feel I’ve come back to myself, come home to myself. It is an extraordinary feeling of contentment, of just being. I feel calmer than usual. I feel different.


Thank you again for such a beautiful journey. My soul is softened, appeased…. I will float off to sleep tonight like back to a beautiful memory.


With love and gratitude,


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Hello Catharine, I hope you are well :)

I wanted to thank you again for yesterday's session, I have the feeling that something profound has begun. For the moment I feel high, I feel light but tired at the same time.


I hope you were able to recover from the session too!


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Sometimes in life, you turn back and think: “wow, that was one of the best decisions I have made in my life”. Going to see Catharine for a spiritual session was one of them. I did not know what to expect going to see her but my expectations were high. And I was not disappointed.


After my session, I did not feel different but I was different. I now feel like myself and am simply living my life again. It is hard to explain, you need to live the experience to understand it. And you are in very competent and trustworthy hands with Catharine. 


Thank you Catharine. 



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Thank you Catharine for your trust and confidence. The light language workshop was an interesting experience. I first felt like I was facing a theatre stage with someone talking in a stranger language. You could sound like Russian, or Arabic, or Portuguese. Then I closed my eyes, just relaxed, observed my feelings in my body, my hands were warm... then after a moment, I felt I was suddenly on a different stage, with your voice in the background. It was pleasant, I have like an image of a dark velvet with some yellow lights underneath. That period did not last long... then the session was ending. So I guess... to be continued next time!


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I lived a very beautiful experience at the first light language workshop! Catharine takes us far away with the noises she emits, the state of torpor settles gradually and allows a whole stream of sensations to visit us, from the most subtle to the most tangible. The verbal exchange after the session was also very rich, powerful and pleasant. Thank you for this wonderful moment!



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I really enjoyed working with Catharine, the session started quietly with an exchange over a cup of tea, then we quickly got to the heart of the matter. The energy treatment was incredibly powerful and gave me a lot of strength to move forward in the weeks that followed. Catharine helped me to accept different parts of me, she allowed me to gather, to embrace my healing power and to better assume my role as a practitioner.


Rather than encouraging me to fight my shadow, she helped me to become aware of my progress. Today, I am here, I am as I am and it is good. We can always do better, we can always work to overcome this or that difficulty but sometimes we just need to take a break, look at the road traveled and rejoice in the moment, the session allowed me to create this space. Catharine helped me a lot to reconnect parts of myself that I could not recognize, she brought me a new look full of kindness. The attention and the support that it offered me, allowed me to accept not to struggle internally but to embrace all these parts of myself and to radiate more widely. Thank you again for this wonderful treatment.


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The Shamanic power at her fingertips for a 5 star treatment... 


My first moment in Catharine’s hands was a suspension in time and space, leaving only my soul for her to heal. I have been suffering from back problems for a while without finding the cause, and have been struggling more or less with my body ever since… Suspecting that my condition may be connected to something deeper than just my spine, muscles and nerves, Catharine suggested I visit her to see how she could help.


As soon as I came in, I was greeted in the very warm and cosy atmosphere of her apartment with a cup of tea and a talk about the influence of the Soul’s being on the rest of our body/life… After the talk, she invited me to stretch a little and then lie down on her therapist table. Not knowing what to expect in any way, I just let myself go, eyes shut, to the sound of her breath as she was walking around me. I couldn’t tell what exactly she was doing, but I could feel a very warm and tingling feeling where she was using her healing energy, and with the help of the meditation music playing softly, and her shamanic sounds, I ended up in a contemplative and very relaxed state close to sleep, yet aware of what was going on.


After an hour or so, Catharine finished her healing session by putting her hands on my knees and ankles where she had felt a weakness during the session, and as she put her hands on one of my feet, my right leg started to shake uncontrollably for about 1 minute non-stop, proof to me that her energy was doing something positive inside me. We were both very surprised and she told me that this reaction was a sign that her energy was actually doing its work on me, and after my leg settled down, she gently brought me back to the real world, letting me recover slowly… I was feeling a little dizzy and tired as if I had been on a trip somewhere completely exotic, and it took me a few minutes to be fully lucid.

Of course, her energy work alone wasn’t enough to heal me right away, but I have felt a lot of benefits since this healing session. Catharine allowed my soul to be appeased and helped me realize how much I need to take care of my soul as much as I do my body to better apprehend my condition, and I have been trying to follow her prescription since. Like you would with a chiropractor for your body, I strongly recommend paying her a visit if you feel any kind of alignment problem between your Soul and your body, because the sooner the better!



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Catharine and I met in 2013. Looking back, that was the year I started reconnecting with my soul, spirituality and life purpose. Catharine’s advises have been and continue to be instrumental in my spiritual path and growth. Her messages to/for me are not always what I want to hear but always turn out to be exactly what I needed to hear for my healing, growth and evolution. Catharine has an effective and very high vibrational way of communicating. I don’t need time to wrap my mind around her message, or let it sink to my heart. My brain, heart and soul get it simultaneously.


I was blessed to be on ‘the list’ of invitees at the spiritual healing week Catharine organized and hosted in Ibiza in August 2015. Words cannot describe the magic, gifts and healing that we all received during that week. Catharine has shown a great example of how to be an instrument of the universe by blindly trusting the clairvoyance messages she received. Luckily she also has both her feet on the ground and has brilliantly organized the practical sides of the trip while being a very charming and fun host as well.



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I met Catharine in January 2014 at a workshop that she kindly hosted at her home. My first impression of her was very similar to the Catharine I know today: someone who speaks from the heart, and channels this strong heart energy for the benefit of all those around her. January 2014 was also the first anniversary of my father’s death from cancer – an event that had left me reeling in emotional and psychological pain.


In retrospect, I can say that my healing journey truly began with meeting Catharine. Catharine guided and encouraged me along this path, pushing me to explore uncomfortable yet essential aspects of myself that needed tender attention. If I had to name her strength, it would be her intuitive ability to sense the root of a problem, awakening greater consciousness in a person. Today, thanks in no small part to Catharine, I am in profound peace over my father’s death, and I am in the process of creating the life of my dreams. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to make significant strides in their spiritual development, and subsequently, change their life.



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September 2015, the sun was hot, not a single cloud in the sky. I was at Parc de la Villette partying with friends at Cabaret Sauvage. The afternoon was heavy because of the heat (40°C) and at one point I needed to drink some water because I was starting to be dizzy. My friend Leo was with me and brought me a bottle of water that I instantly put on my head to cool my body and drank it. Then I looked for a spot to sit because I started feeling really bad. I saw a bench in the shade between a big plant and a speaker but there was no space for me to sit at all. My body started sweating and I was totally colorless. So I decided to sit on the floor just near this lady and her dog. This lady asked my friend Leo if I was ok but I wasn't. Then she asked me if I wanted some help without saying what she was going to do. I said yes because I had nothing to lose and I was really feeling sick. She told me to sit cross-legged on the floor where I was and try to relax. In the same time she sat down in front of me cross-legged also and she put her hand on my knees while she was closing her eyes. This was really odd the first 3 seconds and then I let myself go. I felt a warm wave going all over my body from the feet to the head. To describe this feeling to people I explain that is the equivalent of being at the beach with the perfect temperature and weather and you are listening to your favorite song while enjoying a tiny breeze that caress your body. After 3 minutes I couldn't believe how well I was. I started laughing of happiness and then took her into my arms to thank her. I went from the state of being sick to wonderfully functional! My friend Leo was completely astonished as I jumped up from the floor and asked "Are we going to dance or what?!".  And this how I met Catharine.


Following that experience, I kept in touch with Catharine and decided to come see her for a formal energy session. I was really curious after having seen and felt it with my own eyes and senses. I did 3 sessions with Catharine and I felt more open to the world and each time I gained more motivation to get things done. For example, recently I had my driving test and I wasn't so confident but Catharine helped me succeed by supporting me and guiding my choices wisely.

And now every time I see her, it's a beam of light in my journey.



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