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45 bd Gouvion Saint Cyr 75017 Paris

and remotely by videoconference


110 euros for 1h15  

unemployed & students 87€


06 14 83 84 58


intuitive THERAPY, HYPNOthErapY,



Are you on a life path that is not the one you want?

Do you feel that you are out of place, your relationships with others are difficult, you cannot achieve your goals?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Intuitive therapist and hypnotherapist: I help you find the path that suits you, that allows you to accept yourself as you are and to reveal yourself.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Because we are all unique and we have the right to choose the best for ourselves:

  • Deprogram your blockages and injuries from the past

  • Free yourself from negative thoughts and repetitive patterns

  • Turn your stress into positive energy to regain confidence in yourself and in life

Welcome your uniqueness to activate your full potential of talents!

Create the life you dream of


  • emotional decoding
  • positive psychology
  • self-confidence coaching
  • highlighting traumas and shocks related to life accidents
  • Intuitive Therapy session
  • EMDR session
  • emotional freedom technique EFT session
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis sessions

What they say about Virginie

Virginie treated me for a childhood trauma with the EMDR technique. I have known 4 EMDR (certified) practitioners before. Virginie is the best practitioner for me. I would like to underline how I found Virginie competent, totally committed to her mission, intelligent and sensitive. She got me out very quickly from a trauma that 10 years of psychoanalysis had not been able to resolve. She also keeps a permanent benevolence, a spirit and a humor that are good. Thank you Virginie

— Jean Philippe K.

Do you feel frustrated in your life?

Sometimes an event in our lives lead us to take stock and we realized that leads a life that does not suit us:

  • we are not fulfilled

  • we feel lost, without energy, under pressure

  • we blame ourselves or we blame others, we devalue ourselves

  • we have the impression of being stuck, in “neutral”, without perspective


Concretely, we are faced with 3 scenarios:

  • flight: addictions, compulsions, regrets,

  • anger towards oneself and towards others,

  • depression: exhaustion, inertia, loss of bearings, feeling that you are at the end of your rope.

What if I told you that it is quite possible to get out of this infernal spiral?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Intuitive therapist, I have the ability to decode the unconscious structures that hinder you. I help you to release your inner conflicts at the origin of your blockages, in order to allow you to move forward in your life, to grow and to blossom.

My goal is to help you to get you in the center of your life:

  • by guiding you to put your priorities before those of others,

  • by making you aware of your importance to achieve a life that is like you.

My support is based on two lines of action:

1- intuitive listening,

2- treating blockages by several technical changes, which allow fast and lasting results: the intuitive therapy - hypnosis, EMDR (eye movement), EFT (emotional acupuncture).

What if change became easy for you too?

My belief is that everyone has the right to a harmonious and fulfilling life, so let me help you make it happen!

Decide (e) to take charge of your life?

intuitive therapy

How would you like to have a decoder to understand why you are doing wrong?

Why do you always feel frustrated, anxious, angry or without energy?


I am this decoder: thanks to a deep trance I decipher the unconscious structures that block you and prevent you from moving towards the life you deserve!

In each of us, there is a negative side and a positive side. I teach you to touch this positive in you, to react in a way to release the blocked energy, to find your true wisdom.


By means of intuitive therapy, I decipher what your subconscious is hiding and what your will cannot resolve.

I listen to all these structures that can be linked to a memory, a traumatic experience, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts. And which prevent you from releasing your energy.

Then I unlock them in the form of words, pedagogy, therapeutic games or emotional liberation techniques.

ERICKSONIan hypnosis

A therapeutic hypnosis far from "show" hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis is a respectful way of communicating with oneself, that is to say to operate an interior refocusing to calm the mind.

From your own feelings, I help you create your own trance:

  • to allow you to resonate with yourself in order to change what bothers you

  • to reframe certain inadequate behaviors in the face of which your conscious will has remained inactive

  • to come back to your past painful emotions, so as to integrate them and "digest" them by bringing new and more harmonious resources to them


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are two recent anti-stress techniques based respectively on eye scanning and tapping acupuncture points.


I offer these techniques to deal with shocks or repetitive patterns related to a painful experience that does not pass. Because in this case the brain could not digest all the significant amount of tension and anxiety received at the time of impact.

I guide you safely to the site of this impact to operate a repair process, through eye movements or "tapping".

So that you can find yourself at the end of the session in complete safety and trust your body again.

your benefits

  • Recover your vital energy

  • Healthier relationship to oneself and to others

  • Be in the well-being to make the right choices

  • Make peace with yourself and your past

  • Reconnection to oneself and activation of one's inner compass

  • Move forward in your life

  • Let go of your unconscious fears

  • Be authentic and affirm your value

  • Awaken your talents

  • Feel complete and fulfilled

  • Open up to new possibilities

  • Develop the hormones of well-being

My Journey

A chaotic personal journey has forged my strength of conviction!

Well, clearly, we cannot say that my life has been a long calm river! Following a difficult childhood, I very quickly understood that to be loved I had to be useful and strong. I then found myself in the position of pillar of the family and I generalized that while growing up. It gave me a successful career path as an executive in human resources for 20 years, but I was not happy because I had put in place an armor of control that dissociated me from who I really was and cut me off from my creative sensitivity: valuing human potential.



By giving more and more power to this character, I began to live in my head cut off from others. I constantly wanted to manage to dominate life rather than let it flow through me. And that led me to a radical burn-out, which allowed me to realize that everything I had built did not correspond to me.



To find myself, I had to heal myself and I learned all the techniques that allowed me to reconnect with who I really was. I accepted to change things that I didn't want to face before and realized that sometimes you have to change programs on an unconscious level.


This is why the encounter with Intuitive Therapy was a turning point for me. She allowed me to find my way by revealing to the conscious a unique talent that I had buried in the depths of my being: the art of reconnecting people to a more real life and to their own authenticity.

Because to succeed in putting your dreams into matter, there is only one way: to be authentically yourself and to recognize your value.



So I trained in several disciplines before becoming a practitioner in Intuitive Therapy: sophrology, naturopathy, hypnosis, EFT and EMDR.


I have been practicing since 2011 in my office in Paris and I put all my energy into getting you back on track and reboosting you.


I guide you to find your true personality. I accompany you to help you overcome what is blocking you. And for you to regain your self-confidence, to choose your life rather than suffer it and to share your authentic self and your true talents with the world!


Are you ready to walk this path with me? With confidence and with the certainty that you too have the opportunity to finally become an actor or actress in your own life?

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