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depending on service 60 à 100 euros


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60-120 euros depending on service


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Hello I am Eugene, I have 23 years of experience in body well-being.

I offer professional massage with elements of physiotherapy and manual techniques.

Relief for :

• Neck/back/lower back/joint pain

• Bad dreams

• Constant fatigue

• No energy

• Regular stress and tension​

Using my patented physiotherapy and other rehabilitation techniques, my technique is designed to provide more targeted exposure, allowing me to eliminate acute symptoms in as few as three sessions, and strengthen the result in two sessions additional. As a result, instead of ten traditional sessions, in just five appointments, I can address your local or general health questions.

What they say about Eugene

Saw Eugene today (my husband too). I feel like he unblocked 20 years of blockage in my body. Exactly as you said: mind blowing.

— Marie

restorative therapy

60 minutes: back, arms, shoulders, neck, head (back).

90 minutes: + legs, whole body (recommended)

Activation of lymphocytes and blood circulation accelerates the general metabolism, more intensively removing slugs and toxins from the body. Muscle function is normalized and their tone is increased.

Manual effects on the body for the correction of biomechanical violations. The difference from ordinary massage is the effect not only, and not so much on soft tissues, but also on joints, interspinal discs, internal organs, cranial rhythm.

Methodological work with hypertension (tension / blocks) of muscles.


sports MASSAge

60 minutes: back, arms, shoulders, neck, head (back).

90 minutes: + legs, whole body (recommended)

In fact, sports massage is another link in the sports training system: its use helps to quickly achieve and maintain physical fitness.

massage anti cellulite

60 minutes: hips, glutes, hips. 90 min: + arms and stomach (recommended)


Helps reduce fat deposits in subcutaneous fibers and smooth the skin's surface. Increased attention is paid to the treatment of deep tissues in order to activate circulation in blood, lymph and intercellular fluid. Lymphatic drainage, active warming, jars, packaging.

relaxing massage

A pleasant sedative treatment that relieves psycho-physical tensions and serves as a means to combat headaches. You will get a charge of energy, vitality and performance. Good feeling and good mood.

aroma massage

Contact with essential oils with the nerve terminals of the skin instantly relaxes the body and immerses it in a state of relaxation. Tension decreases, stress disappears and energy improves.

face massage

Strengthens facial muscles, normalizes exchange processes and ensures natural rejuvenation of the skin, giving a "circular firming" effect. Great for those who need to look fabulous for an event or meeting.

children massage

Activates immunity and has a positive impact on the full development and formation of muscle groups, joints, bones, as well as on the proper development of blood and nervous systems.

therapie gua sha

Chinese Gua Sha Therapy is a natural treatment method based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory of the relationship between dense, inflammable visceral organs and meridians. This method improves blood circulation and absorbs stagnation, regulates not only the balance between Yin and Yang, but also respiratory and heart functions, relaxes muscles and tendons, boosts blood circulation, eliminates toxins. This therapy is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine and can be used for both health and treatment.

Gua Sha therapy is widely used in the treatment of functional diseases, it has a fairly good effect on the dysfunction of various organs and soft tissue injuries:

- neurosis, radiculitis, interrib neuralgia, neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, neuropathy of the facial nerve;

- stretching and contusion of joints, ligaments and tendons, joint dysfunction;

- osteochondrosis, prearthrosis of the shoulder;

- cold, runny nose, trach;

- stomach pain, chronic gastritis, diaphragm spasms;

- the consequences of a stroke;

- body strengthening, weight loss and improvement of the figure, rejuvenation.

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